Conservative Future (CF) includes all members of the party under the age of thirty. CF has over 15 000 members nationally and Wellingborough's CF is a strong part of the national structure.

Our CF members are active both nationally and locally. Peter Bone MP maintains that he would not have won his seat without the support of CF members.

In addition to helping with fundraising and electioneering, CF hold their own events, both nationally and locally, these vary from social events to national seminars. They give activists a great stepping stone into politics, giving them an excellent insight into the world of politics and the opportunity to meet people who will help them meet their aspirations.

If you want to help your local community, take your political interest further or even become a future Prime Minister, CF is an excellent organisation to be part of. If you are interested in becoming involved or have any questions please get in touch.


Ollie Lewis
Wellingborough Conservative Future

Message from Ollie Lewis

I hope to organise a number of social events that will appeal to everyone, and use the opportunity for young people to become politically active and get hands on experience of political and social activity. Anyone interested in geting involved with Wellingborough CF can contact me or for more information or visit the national website (see details below).

E: future@wellingboroughconservatives.org (Wellingborough)
W: www.conservativefuture.com (National)

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