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The Conservative Policy Forum (CPF) is a national Party Group, chaired by the Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP, the Minister for Government Policy, which gives members the opportunity to discuss the major policy challenges facing Britain. With active groups in every region the CPF is a fantastic way for Members of the Party to have their voices heard on some of the most important issues facing our country.

Over the course of the last Parliament we published over 30 discussion briefs and collected over 19,000 opinions from members and supporters in nearly 250 different groups – all of which were summarised and sent to Conservative members of Cabinet. These, in turn, all received a ministerial response. Complementing this has been the work of our sectoral groups which are made up of, and chaired by, experts in their field. Each of these groups examined a range of policies within their remit, giving the Party direct insight into the views of their sector. In addition to this, we engage with our members through various regional and national events, such as the CPF Winter Conference.

Through this work we very successfully fulfilled our remit of helping the Party not only identify the problems we will face during the next Parliament, but also crucially how we can address them to secure a better future for Britain and for hardworking taxpayers. We are looking forward to restarting the CPF discussion programme in spring 2016. Our aim is to create a truly national Forum, accessible to all regardless of age or location that has real influence on Party policy. In the meantime, we anticipate that CPF groups will continue to meet informally to discuss local issues and that members will actively participate in campaigning in their constituencies.

Our last discussion paper was published in May 2014. We restarted the CPF discussion programme in March 2016.


I will organise local infomal gatherings to discuss the CPF topics, but I want to garner as many contributions as possible so you can contribute using our website. You will need to register and log in to use the online submission pages. You can register by entering your email address in to one of the Register boxes.

Our first discussion topic is Housing and you can give us your views and ideas by clicking on the topic link. Although you can submit ideas about any of the topics, it's preferable to use the latest one to ensure I can include your submissions in time.

Please email me at cpf@wellingboroughconservatives.org if you would like me to add you to our lists so I can send you details about policy papers and meetings.


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Question [1/8]: What more might the Government do to support first time buyers more effectively?

  • answered 2016-10-13 23:03:10 +0100
    Q: Question [8/8]: Other comments (if any).
    A: There is a great solution to land transference and planning, it is simple and effective and creates wealth for local communities. But it is a radical move
  • answered 2016-10-13 23:01:12 +0100
    Q: Question [7/8] : To what extent should developers be required to design a greater proportion of homes that are accessible or adaptable for a wider range of householders?
    A: Under the system I propose this would be a national policy activated locally for specific need
  • answered 2016-10-13 22:59:39 +0100
    Q: Question [6/8]: What does it mean in practice to promote sustainable development and what should be the respective role of developers, local government and public agencies in creating successful new communities?
    A: The system at present is a train wreck of ideas and planning gobbledegook that is more designed for those implementing policy than solving a real problem.
  • answered 2016-10-13 22:57:04 +0100
    Q: Question [5/8]: How, if at all, should Government help prepare young people for home ownership whilst they are in education?
    A: Education at a better standard and comptetitiveness are the best preparation to create aspiration and wealth
  • answered 2016-10-13 22:55:27 +0100
    Q: Question [4/8]: To what extent should the Government intervene to improve the housing market?
    A: Only interventionist policy at both national and local level can sustainably address a lack of quality supply
  • answered 2016-10-13 22:53:49 +0100
    Q: Question [3/8]: In your area, what are the particular challenges that first time buyers face when they want to get on to the housing ladder?
    A: lack of consistent supply at really affordable prices
  • answered 2016-10-13 22:52:44 +0100
    Q: Question [2/8]: To what extent do you think first time buyers predominantly face a supply problem?
    A: already answered
  • answered 2016-08-09 10:42:32 +0100
    Q: Question [3/8]: In your area, what are the particular challenges that first time buyers face when they want to get on to the housing ladder?
    A: I think in my area and the whole country First time buyers aren’t aware of all the options available to them, this is why they should be educated about this during the last few years of their education.
  • answered 2016-08-09 10:41:24 +0100
    Q: Question [2/8]: To what extent do you think first time buyers predominantly face a supply problem?
    A: I think their is a supply problem, not necessarily in the whole of England but in certain areas. More tailor built homes should be constructed. This means that in areas of low income, their should be more cheaper housing.

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