April 24, 2017
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Local Elections 2017


24th April, 2017.

Vote for you local Conservative candidate on May 4th

On Thursday 4th May, the UK will vote in elections which will have a big impact, both on local areas, and on our country as a whole.

Too often, the issues at stake in these elections can seem removed from the reality of people’s lives. Some people are cynical about voting and about the democratic process in general, wondering what difference it will make. 

But as we all saw clearly in the referendum last year, individual voters in communities up and down the country really can change the course of events.

Across the country, Conservative councils have been leading the way. Rather than doubling council tax, which is what happened under Labour, under the Conservatives council tax in England has fallen by 9 per cent in real terms. 

In 2017-18, Conservative councils across England typically charge £102 a year less on a Band D bill than Labour councils, and £124 a year less than Liberal Democrats councils. 

As well as keeping council tax low, Conservatives have shown that we can be trusted to spend that money wisely. At the same time as continuing to get the deficit down, we have maintained the quality of public services on which local communities depend. 

But a vote for the Conservatives on Thursday 4th May is more than just a vote for strong leadership. It is a vote for our Plan for Britain. 

It is a plan to make the most of the opportunities ahead. A plan to make Britain stronger, fairer, more united and more outward looking than ever before.

We are a party that is at the service of the British people, with a plan for our country and a plan for your community. For more effective and efficient local services. For better value for money. For stronger local representation. And for a better quality of life.

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