Matt Binley

I have lived in Northamptonshire for nearly all my life, I feel very passionate about giving something back to the community and making a difference. I was a Special Constable and then a Police Officer in Northants for over 7 years, I was very honoured to serve the people of Northamptonshire. After that, I spent a short time working in the ambulance service before going back into the private sector.  

I currently work for a company which employs many people within the local area. I would very much like the opportunity to represent the local people on both the new Northamptonshire North Unitary Council and Wellingborough Town Council, to help shape and form the new councils by ensuring the people of Wellingborough are given value for money and the services they rightfully deserve, also bringing my business experience to help regenerate Wellingborough town centre. I would like to be able to make a positive difference within the local area in which I live and work. I hope you will give me the honour of serving the people again. 

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