July 05, 2017
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Wellingborough Prison to Re-Open


3rd November, 2016.

Peter Bone MP Photograph

Today (Thursday 3rd November), the Ministry of Justice announced a new category C prison on the site of the mothballed HMP Wellingborough.

A new modern prison will be built on the site. It will house more prisoners than the previous prison and will have better facilities to enable inmates to be rehabilitated.

This new prison at Wellingborough is part of the government’s programme to close old Victorian jails and replace them with modern facilities.

Peter Bone MP (Member of Parliament for Wellingborough) has been leading a listening campaign to get HMP Wellingborough re-opened.

Peter Bone says: “I am absolutely delighted that the Secretary of State for Justice has agreed that HMP Wellingborough should be re-opened. The new prison will create hundreds of jobs and pump significant sums of money in to the local economy.

The campaign to save Wellingborough prison goes back many years and I am extremely grateful to all those that supported the campaign. In particular I want to thank Lynne Holcombe who led the residents’ campaign so effectively. Lynne’s tireless efforts in support of the prison is a major reason why we have succeeded in reopening it.

I would also like to thank the support from local councillors, including Cllr Martin Griffiths current leader of the Borough Council of Wellingborough and Cllr Paul Bell who is the former leader of the council. Their wholehearted support of my listening campaign has had a significant impact.

I would also like to thank a whole series of prison ministers who I have spent a lot of time a lot of time bending their ears in support of reopening the prison.

It just shows that a local campaign by people who care about something can still succeed.”


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