Young Conservatives

Young Conservatives

I have always believed that the fervent conviction and values of Young Conservatives, namely those under the age of thirty, have been at the heart of our electoral success. Whenever these values have influenced our policies, we have been more successful electorally.

Wellingborough Young Conservatives are prominent and active both locally and nationally; Peter Bone maintains that our support is crucial.

Each week, we play a vital role in the Joint Parliamentary Taskforce sessions with colleagues from Corby & East Northants. Supporting local MPs, Councillors and candidates by canvassing and leafleting. There is a myriad of opportunities to stand as a candidate at all tiers of local government, to support the community and to contribute to the continued success of the Conservative Party across Northamptonshire.

The Young Conservatives is intrinsically a platform to meet like-minded individuals and to socialise with fellow Young Conservatives. We hold a variety of different social events throughout the year and encourage new and old members to attend, offering excellent insights in a relaxed environment.

The very nature of the Young Conservatives is to engage with and contribute to the community; our strength as a party lies in our activists, particularly our Young Conservatives.  if you are interested in becoming a Young Conservative or have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards
Cameron Clarke
Wellingborough Young Conservatives

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